European Cultural Heritage Year


The European Cultural Heritage Year 2018

The European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 (motto in Germany: ‘SHARING HERITAGE’) was proclaimed by the European Commission and traces back to an initiative of the German National Committee for Monument Preservation, the federal government, the German states and the central municipal associations.

The German contribution focuses on themes agreed upon by the federal government, the German states and municipalities that are related to the basic idea of “discovering the European within the local.” The German contribution places special emphasis on conveying cultural heritage to children and teenagers. In Germany alone, some 350 projects and 1,500 related events have been registered thus far as official entries to the European Cultural Heritage Year. Approximately 500 projects are expected by the end of the year. As part of the theme year, the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media will provide 7.8 million euros for the support of some 60 selected projects of national significance.

The digital platform http://www.sharingheritage.deis the main site for all activities related to the Cultural Heritage Year. It provides information about the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 in Germany and shows which, when and where events related to the year are taking place. Additionally, the platform documents events and projects that have already taken place. It is a site where all participants can discover, present and network, regardless of whether the contribution was a heavily-funded flagship enterprise or a local civic project.

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