Traveling exhibitions

The following exhibitions were designed for display at other sites and can be borrowed. For information about borrowing the travelling exhibitions, please contact us at:

The Face of the Ghetto: Photos Taken by Jewish Photographers in the Litzmannstadt Ghetto, 1940–1944

© Stiftung Topographie des Terrors

A few Jewish photographers, commissioned by the Litzmannstadt “Jewish Council”, took thousands of photographs of almost every aspect of ghetto life. Nearly 12,000 contact prints have survived and are currently held in the Lodz state archive. Fifty large-scale photographs from the Litzmannstadt Ghetto – the name given to Lodz by the German occupiers in 1940 – are shown in the exhibition, making the little known photo collection accessible to the public for the first time. The presentation, designed as a traveling exhibition, is accompanied by statements from former residents of the ghetto and entries from the ghetto chronicle. A short overview of the ghetto’s history, a description of the photography as an historic source and information about the photographers provide an introduction into the exhibition. The photographs, officially commissioned by the “Jewish Council”, convey the Jewish photographers empathy with the ghetto inhabitants, clearly illuminating the ambivalence created by the ghetto inhabitants’ hopeless situation and their efforts to maintain their dignity and survive for as long as possible.

“Fire!” Anti-Jewish Terror on “Kristallnacht” in November 1938

The exhibition “Fire! Anti-Jewish Terror in November 1938” was developed in cooperation with the Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe Foundation and the New Synagogue Berlin – Centrum Judaicum Foundation. The joint exhibition project that was planned for the 70th anniversary of the November pogroms in 1938 served to historically document the public attack on German Jewry that was carried out five and a half years after the Nazis came to power.

Presented from November 2008 to March 2009 in Centrum Judaicum

For All to See: Photographic Records of the Nazi Terror in the German Provinces

© Stiftung Topographie des Terrors

German-English photographic exhibition on public scenes of everyday terror in the Nazi era, developed on the basis of research conducted in regional and local archives throughout Germany on new photographic material.

The exhibit was presented from September 2002 to February 2003 along the construction site fence of the “Topography of Terror” terrain. A travel version has since been presented in several cities in Germany, including Heidelberg, Mannheim, Erlangen, Saarbrücken, Prora (Rügen) and Riesa.

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