© Stefan Müller / STdT
Fee: Admission free
Languages: German, English

The exhibition “Berlin 1933–1945. Between propaganda and terror” addresses National-Socialist politics in Berlin and its consequences for the city and its people. It shows how the National Socialists managed to get a foothold in “red” Berlin and transform the city into their centre of political power.

Along the exposed remains of the basement wall in the excavation trench, the colour-differentiated main chapters of the exhibition will inform you about:

  1. Berlin in the Weimar Republic
  2. The establishment of the Führer’s dictatorship in Berlin
  3. Berlin and the Volksgemeinschaft (the “people’s community”)
  4. Berlin at war 1939–1945
  5. Berlin and the consequences of Nazi rule

The majority of exhibition panels are made of glass to allow a view of the excavated fabric behind them. The exhibition presents photos, newspaper articles and documents. The content of the panels is supplemented by media stations.

The exhibition is bilingual (German and English).

  • © Stefan Müller / STdT
  • © Stefan Müller / STdT
  • © Sebastian Eggler / STdT
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