A Resource aids

Aa Reference books
Aa I General reference books
Aa I.5Encyclopedias
Aa I.10Bibliographies
Aa I.15Biographical reference books
Aa I.20Address registers
Aa I.25Atlases, maps
Aa I.30Local directories
Aa IIIHistory reference books
Aa III.5Encyclopedias
Aa III.10Bibliographies
Aa III.15Biographical reference books
Aa III.20Address registers
Aa III.25Atlases, maps
Aa VDictionaries (arranged alphabetically by language )
Aa VIIArchive/finding aids (arranged by alphabetically by archive)
Aa CIOther

Ac Historical overviews/cross-epochal representations
Ac IWorld history
Ac IIIEuropean history
Ac VGerman history
Ac VIIHistory of individual states
Ac CI Other

AiAnnual reports/conferences of individual Institutions (For annual reports of memorials see Ui)

AkInformation science
Ak ILibrarianship
Ak IIIArchives management
Ak VInformation/Documentation

AmAccompanying material to motion pictures

B 19th and early 20th Century History

Ba IReference books
Ba IIIOverviews
Ba VBroad subjects
Ba VIISources

BcThe world before 1914
Bc IGeneral
Bc I.5Reference books
Bc I.10Overviews
Bc I.15Broad subjects
Bc I.20Sources
Bc IIIGermany until 1870
Bc VGermany 1870-1914
Bc VIIIndividual states (alphabetical)
Bc C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Bc CIOther

BeWorld War I
Be IGeneral
Be I.5Reference books
Be I.10Overviews
Be I.15Broad subjects
Be I.20Sources
Be IIIGermany
Be VIndividual states (alphabetical)
Be C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Be CIOther

BgBetween the Wars 1919-1939 (except Germany) (Germany: see Bi or C)
Bg IGeneral
Bg I.5Reference books
Bg I.10Overviews
Bg I.15Broad subjects
Bg I.20Sources
Bg IIIIndividual states (alphabetical)
Bg C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Bg CIOther

BiGermany 1918-1933 (except police; see E E)
Bi IGeneral
Bi I.5Reference books
Bi I.10Overviews
Bi I.15Broad subjects
Bi I.20Sources
Bi IIIPolitical development/internal affairs
Bi IVPolitical parties and organizations (for NSDAP see Bi XXIV.5)
Bi VForeign affairs
Bi VILegal system/ judiciary/ administration
Bi VIIMilitary
Bi VIIIEconomy/finance
Bi XSocial/labor/medicine
Bi XIIScience/education/sports
Bi XIVArts/culture/intellectual currents
Bi XVIWomen/children/youth/family
Bi XVIIIChurches/religious associations
Bi XXMedia/press
Bi XXIIPopulation/urban planning/transportation
Bi XXIVAnti-democratic and Nazi movements
Bi XXIV.5NSDAP before 1933
Bi XXIV.10individual groups
Bi ICRegional studies
Bi C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Bi CIOther

BxRegional studies

C The National Socialist State (except police and SS)

Ca IReference books
Ca I.5Encyclopedias
Ca I.10Bibliographies
Ca I.15Biographische Reference books
Ca I.20Address registers
Ca IIIOverviews
Ca VBroad subjects
Ca VIISources

CcPolitical development /internal affairs
CdThe NSDAP and its organizations (except SS; for SS see F)
CeForeign policy
CfLegal system/judiciary/administration
Cg Army (Reichswehr/Wehrmacht)
ChEconomy/finance (for war economy see Qe III)
CnArts/culture/intellectual currents
CoNazi ideology and its intellectual foundations
CrChurches/religious associations
CvPopulations/transportation/urban planning
CxRegional studies (including city guides on Nazi local history)

Cy Iof party functionaries/“perpetrators“
Cy I.5Collective biographies
Cy I.10Individual biographies
Cy IIIof other contemporaries


E Police

Ea IReference books
Ea IIIOverviews
Ea VBroad subjects
Ea VIISources

EcThe police before 1933
EeThe police 1933-1945
Ee IOverviews
Ee IIIOrder police
Ee VCriminal police
Ee COther

EgPolitical police/Gestapo
Eg IGeneral
Eg I.5Reference books
Eg I.10Overviews
Eg I.20Sources
Eg IIIVarious subjects
Eg ICRegional studies
Eg C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see Cy)
Eg CIOther

ExRegional studies
Ey(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see Cy)

F The SS

Fa IReference books
Fa IIIOverviews
Fa VBroad subjects
Fa VIISources

FeSS head officials
FxRegional studies
Fy(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see Cy)

G Persecution and Resistance (for racial persecution see K)

Ga IReference books
Ga IIIOverviews
Ga VBroad subjects
Ga VIISources

GcExile, emigration
Gc IGeneral
Gc I.5Reference books
Gc I.10Overviews
Gc I.15Broad subjects
Gc I.20Sources
Gc IIICountries of exile
Gc VIndividual groups
Gc VIIExile literature
Gc ICRegional studies
Gc C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Gc CIOther

Ge Political persecution/resistance
Ge I General
Ge I.5Reference books
Ge I.10Overviews
Ge I.15Broad subjects
Ge I.20Sources
Ge IIIIllegal party organizations
Ge VTrade unions
Ge VIIIndependent resistance circles
Ge ICRegional studies
Ge C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Ge CIOther

GgReligious persecution/resistance
Gg IGeneral
Gg I.5Reference books
Gg I.10Overviews
Gg I.15Broad subjects
Gg I.20Sources
Gg IIIProtestant persecution/resistance
Gg VCatholic persecution/resistance
Gg VIIJehovah’s Witnesses
Gg ICRegional studies
Gg C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Gg CIOther

GiMilitary opposition/resistance
GkYouth opposition/resistance

GmIndividual groups /associations (incl. autobiographies and sources)
Gm IKreisauer Circle
Gm III20th July
Gm V“Red Orchestra”
Gm VIIWhite Rose
Gm IXGoerdeler Circle

GvOther states
GxRegional studies
Gy(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)

I Judeophobia/Antisemitism (Nationalsozialismus see K)

Ia IReference books
Ia IIIOverviews
Ia VBroad subjects
Ia VIISources

IcJudeophobia in Antiquity, Middle Ages, Early Modern Era
IeJudeophobia /Antisemitism since the19th century up until Nazi-Germany
IgJudeophobia/Antisemitism after World Word II
IxRegional studies

K Racism and Genocide

Ka IReference books
Ka IIIOverviews
Ka VBroad subjects
Ka VIISources

KcPersecution and Extermination of European Jewry (see Einsatzgruppen Fm, Camps M, World War II Q)
Kc IGeneral
Kc I.5Reference books
Kc I.10Overviews
Kc I.15Broad subjects
Kc I.20Sources
Kc IIIDiscrimination, persecution before 1939
Kc III.5April boycott
Kc III.10Nuremberg laws
Kc III.15November pogrom
Kc VJewish self-determination, organizations
Kc VIIEconomic isolation/”Aryanization“
Kc IXJewish emigration
Kc XIJewish persecution after 1939, deportation, murder of Jews
Kc XIIIGhettos
Kc XVJewish resistance
Kc XVIIJewish forced labor
Kc ICRegional studies (see Wx)
Kc C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Kc CIOther

KeSinti and Roma
Ke IGeneral
Ke IIIGeneral history of the Sinti and Roma
Ke ICRegional studies
Ke C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Ke CIOther

Kg IGeneral
Kg I.5Reference books
Kg I.10Overviews
Kg I.15Broad subjects
Kg I.20Sources
Kg IIIEugenics, racial hygiene before 1933
Kg VOperations
Kg ICRegional studies
Kg C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Kg CIOther

KiForced sterilization

Kk IGeneral
Kk IIIHomosexuality in general
Kk ICRegional studies
Kk C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Kk CIOther

KmSocially undesirables (“Asocials”)
KwDeath books
KxRegional studies
Ky(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)

M Camps 1933-1945 (alphabetically arranged)

Ma IReference books
Ma IIIOverviews (Death books see Kw)
Ma VBroad subjects
Ma VIISources

McConcentration camps
Mc IGeneral
Mc IIIIndividual aspects
Mc III.5Personal/Organization
Mc III.10Camp daily life
Mc III.15Prisoner groups
Mc III.25Provisions, medicine...
Mc III.35Children
Mc III.40Resistance
Mc III.45Arts and culture
Mc VIndividual concentration camps /sites ( incl. satellite camps)

MeExtermination camps
MgWork re-education camps
MiYouth protection camps
MkPrisoner of War camps
MmSS Special camps
MoForced labor camps
MqInternment camps
MsPenal camps
MuPolice detention camp
MwDeath marches and liberation of camps
MxRegional studies
My(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)

O (Auto)biographical Reports/Testimonies, Exile, Persecution, Resistance, Camps(Biographies of individual groups/associations see Gm)

OaIndividual biographies of racially persecuted
ObCollective biographies of racially persecuted
OcPolitically persecuted/political resistance
OeReligiously persecuted /religious resistance
OgYouth opposition
OiMilitary resistance

Q World War II and Occupied Europe (Reichswehr, Wehrmacht s. u. Cg)

Qa IReference books
Qa I.5Encyclopedias
Qa I.10Bibliographies
Qa I.15Biographical reference books
Qa IIIOverviews
Qa VBroad subjects
Qa VIISources

QbWorld War II prehistory

Qc The War in Europe and the World
Qc IGeneral
Qc IIICzechoslovakia
Qc VPoland
Qc VIIFrance/Benelux states
Qc IXScandinavia and Finland
Qc XIGreat Britain/Commonwealth
Qc XIIISouth East Europe
Qc XV Soviet Union
Qc XV.5General
Qc XV.10Individual locations
Qc XV.15Occupying forces
Qc XV.20Collaboration and resistance
Qc XVIINorth Africa
Qc XIXItaly
Qc XXVSwitzerland
Qc XXIXLiechtenstein
Qc C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Qc CIOther

QeThe War in Germany
Qe IGeneral
Qe I.5Reference books
Qe I.10Overviews
Qe I.15Broad subjects
Qe I.20Sources
Qe IIIWar economy
Qe VIIPrisoners of War
Qe IXDeserters
Qe C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Qe CIOther

QiSecret Service
QkNazi military justice/Wehrmacht justice
QmArt and book theft during National Socialism
QwWar’s end

Qy IMilitary
Qy I.5Collective biographies
Qy I.10Individual biographies
Qy IIIOther contemporaries

QzOther (see Qc CI)

S After 1945

Sa IReference books
Sa IIIOverviews
Sa VBroad subjects
Sa VIISources

SePostwar era (1945-1949)
Se IGeneral
Se I.5Reference books
Se I.10Overviews
Se I.15Broad subjects
Se I.20Sources
Se IIIFlight and expulsion
Se VAllied occupation policies
Se V.1General
Se V.5Conferences
Se V.10Special/Internment camps
Se V.15Re-education/de-Nazification
Se VIICamp survivors
Se VII.5Displaced Persons
Se VII.10Emigrants
Se ICRegional studies
Se C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Se CIOther

SgDivided Germany (1949-1990)
Sg IGeneral
Sg I.5Reference books
Sg I.10Overviews
Sg I.15Broad subjects
Sg I.20Sources
Sg IIIWest Germany (1949-1990)
(Memorials in the FRG see Ui V)
Sg III.1General
Sg III.5Political development/internal affairs
Sg III.6Political parties and organizations
Sg III.7Foreign affairs/foreign relations
Sg III.8Legal system/judiciary/administration
Sg III.9Military
Sg III.10Economy/finance
Sg III.15Social/labor/media
Sg III.20Science/education/sports
Sg III.25Arts/culture/intellectual currents
Sg III.30Women/children/youth/family
Sg III.35Churches/religious associations
Sg III.40Media/press
Sg III.45Population/transportation/urban planning
Sg XXIXRegional studies
Sg XXX(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sg XXXIOther
Sg LEast Germany (1949-1990)
(Memorials in the FRG see Ui VII)
Sg L.1General
Sg L.5Political development/internal affairs
Sg L.6Political parties and organizations
Sg L.7Foreign affairs
Sg L.8Legal system/judiciary/administration
Sg L.9Military
Sg L.10Economy/finance
Sg L.15Social/labor/medicine
Sg L.20Science/education/sports
Sg L.25Arts/culture/intellectual currents
Sg L.30Women/children/youth/family
Sg L.35Churches/religious associations
Sg L.40Press/media
Sg L.45Population/transportation/urban planning
Sg LXIXRegional studies
Sg LXX(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sg LXXIOther
Sg ICRegional studies
Sg C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sg CIOther

SiRe-unified Germany (since 1990)
Si IGeneral
Si I.5Reference books
Si I.10Overviews
Si I.15Broad subjects
Si I.20Sources
Si IIIPolitical development/internal affairs
Si IVPolitical parties and organizations
Si VForeign affairs
Si VILegal system/judiciary/administration
Si VIIMilitary
Si VIIIEconomy/finance
Si XSocial/labor/medicine
Si XIIScience/education/sports
Si XIVArts/culture/intellectual currents
Si XVIWomen/children/youth/family
Si XVIIIChurches/religious associations
Si XXPress/media
Si XXIIPopulation/transportation/urban planning
Si ICRegional studies
Si C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Si CIOther

SkTrials of Nazis
Sk IGeneral
Sk I.5Reference books
Sk I.10Overviews
Sk I.15Broad subjects
Sk I.20Sources
Sk IIITrials conducted by the Allies
Sk IVNazi trials in German courts in the post-war era (1945-1949)
Sk VTrials in West Germany (FRG)
Sk VIITrials in East Germany (GDR)
Sk IXTrials outside of Germany
Sk XXMedia reporting/public reception
Sk ICRegional studies
Sk C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sk CIOther

Sm IGeneral
Sm I.5Reference books
Sm I.10Overviews
Sm I.15Broad subjects
Sm I.20Sources
Sm IIIIndividual persecuted groups
Sm VIndividual states
Sm VIIReparations by individual companies
Sm IXRestitution of Nazi-looted cultural property/provenance research
Sm ICRegional studies
Sm C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sm CIOther

SoRightwing extremism, violence and xenophobia
So IGeneral
So I.5Reference books
So I.10Overviews
So I.15Broad subjects
So I.20Sources
So IIIWest Germany
So VEast Germany
So VIIGermany since 1990
So IXIndividual parties
So XIIndividuals
So XIIIAbroad
So XXVSociological studies on rightwing extremism and violence
So XXVIIProjects against rightwing extremism and violence
So ICRegional studies
So C(Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
So CIOther

SqOther states (alphabetical)
SxRegional studies

U Confronting National Socialism - Culture of memory

Ua IReference books
Ua IIIOverviews
Ua VBroad subjects
Ua VIISources

Uc IGeneral works on National Socialism and its impact (alphabetical by author)
Uc IIITheories
Uc III.5Fascism theories
Uc III.10Totalitarianism theories
Uc III.15Genocide research
Uc VPublic debates
Uc V.5Historian debate <1986-1989>
Uc V.10Historicism debate
Uc V.15Goldhagen debate
Uc V.20Wehrmacht exhibit
Uc V.25Finkelstein debate
Uc VII“History from below“/History workshops
Uc XXComparative dictatorships
Uc CIOther


Ug IGeneral
Ug IIIMonuments/memorials
Ug VSculpture
Ug VIIPhotography
Ug IXLiterature
Ug XIFilm and Television
Ug XIIITheater
Ug CIOther

UiMemorial sites/documentation centers
Ui IGeneral
Ui I.5Reference books (incl. address registers)
Ui I.10Overviews
Ui I.15Broad subjects
Ui I.20Sources
Ui IIITopography of Terrors/Prinz-Albrecht Grounds
Ui VMemorial sites in West Germany and in the old federal states
Ui VIIMemorial sites in East Germany
Ui IXMemorial sites in the new federal states after 1990
Ui XIMemorial sites in other states (alphabetical)
Ui XIIIMemorial education
Ui XVIndividual projects
Ui XV.5Shoah Foundation
Ui XV.10School competitions on German history
Ui XV.15„Gegen Vergessen – Für Demokratie“
Ui XV.20Anne Frank Projects
Ui XVIIMemorial days
Ui XIXSurvivor meetings
Ui CIOther

UkPolitical education
Uk IGeneral
Uk IIIPolitical education in schools

UmPsychological impact of the Nazi era (1st/2nd/3rd generation)
UoOral history projects
UqOther states (alphabetical)
UxRegional studies

W Jewish History

Wa IReference books
Wa IIIOverviews
Wa VBroad subjects
Wa VIISources

WcJewish religion and culture
WeEuropean Jewish history in the modern era (since 1945)
WgJewish life after 1945 in Germany
WvJewish museums
Wx Regional studies

Wy ICollective biographies
Wy IIIIndividual biographies


X Fiction

Xa VDiverse literary genres

XbBooks for children and adolescents
XcNarrative literature
XkComics, cartoons, graphic novels

Y Berlin-Literature

Ya General
Ya IReference books
Ya IIIOverviews
Ya VBroad subjects
Ya VIISources
Ya IXCity guides

YcIndividual sites/places
YeBerlin Wall
YvLiterary accounts of Berlin
YwExhibition catalogues special collection B-750
YxCity district studies
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