Memorials and Remembrance Sites

Historic Wilhelmstraße

The street exhibition "Historic Wilhelmstraße" presents 30 stations dealing with the history of the buildings in the historic government quarter through photographs and text. At the start of the 19th century, Wilhelmstraße became the headquarters of the most important ministries in Prussia, maintaining this role after 1871 in the German Reich and later still in the Nazi period. Today, most of these buildings no longer exist, including the Reich President’s Palace, the Prussian State Ministry and the Reich Chancellery. Those retained were used by the government of the GDR and have been the property of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1991.

The street exhibition "Historic Wilhelmstraße" was set up in 1996 on behalf of the Senator for Construction, Residential Development and Transport and then extended and fundamentally reworked in 2007 with funds from the Senate Department for Urban Development.

The exhibition is bilingual (German and English).

Rosenstraße Memorial

Two poster pillars were erected on Rosenstraße in March 1999 to commemorate the women’s protest that took place on Rosenstraße in 1943 and to document these historic events.

Remembrance Site on Kurfürstenstraße

A German-English poster exhibit was established in December 1998 in a bus-stop shelter of the no. 100 bus line. It is located in front of the property at Kurfürstenstraße 115/116 where, during World War II, a division of the Reich Security Main Office was located: the notorious “Jewish affairs” department (IV B 4) run by Adolf Eichmann.

Grunewald Synagogue Memorial

Two plaques at the Grunewald synagogue memorial that was dedicated on Franzensbader Straße 7/8 on September 12, 2003 recall the destruction of Jewish life in the Wilmersdorf district. It is the second bus-stop shelter project created in cooperation with the Wall AG.

© Kay-Uwe von Damaros / STdT

Remembrance Site of the SS Economy Administration Main Office, 1942–1945

Since May 2005, a poster exhibit has been on display in front of the building at Unter den Eichen 135 in Berlin-Steglitz, providing information about the crimes of the SS office that was responsible for all the concentration camps during World War II. This site of remembrance was created in cooperation with the Wall AG and the artist Ronnie Golz.

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