Memorial Museums Department

The Topography of Terror Foundation fulfills wide-ranging advisory and coordination tasks in the field of national and international memorial sites. Within the Federal Republic of Germany, the foundation’s Memorial Museums Department functions as the central coordination office for memorial sites and memorial initiatives and is increasingly involved in international collaborative projects.

The bi-annual memorial museums seminars, held nationwide, play an important role in the exchange of information and experiences, further education and cooperation between the memorial sites. In addition to these seminars, specialized seminars and conferences are offered on specific subjects related to the Nazi period and on current issues related to the work of memorial sites and commemoration. International seminars and symposiums are also organized regularly in cooperation with memorial sites and related institutions in other countries.

The office also supervises and develops two communication forums that were created specifically for memorial sites: The “GedenkstättenRundbrief,” a professional journal that appears four times a year, and the “News-Seite” of the Online-Gedenkstättenforum, an online news page that is updated daily. The foundation created an overview of international memorial sites that is available online at

Since 2014 participants in the "Voluntary Social Year in the Field of Culture" have been assisting in the Memorial Museums Department. They are mostly responsible for overseeing the internet presentations.

The Memorial Museums Department is responsible for the management of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft KZ-Gedenkstätten in Deutschland” (Working Group of Concentration Camp Memorials in Germany). It also organizes the regularly held meetings of the workgroups on memorial sites educational work and memorial sites libraries.

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