Luftaufnahme des gesamten Geländes der „Topographie des Terrors”
© Wolfgang Chodan / STdT
Fee: Admission free
Languages: German, English
© Stefan Müller / STdT

The site tour moves through 15 stations and supplements the permanent exhibition of the “Topography of Terror” inside the building.

Information consoles with photos, documents and 3D graphics for orientation around the site give you an overview of the history of this location – where, from 1933 to 1945, the most important institutions of the National-Socialist persecution and terror apparatus were headquartered: the secret police (Gestapo), Reich SS leadership and Reich Security Main Office.

An audio guide offers additional information.

The tour is oriented by the material traces on the site. These include the two remaining parts of the historic fabric: the unexcavated floor-level memorial, marked by gravel, where the remaining foundations of the former “in-house prison” of the Gestapo headquarters are located, and the remaining section of the Berlin Wall.

  • Im Vordergrund befindet sich die Markierung des Hausgefängnisses. Im Hintergrund befindet sich das Dokumentationszentrum und das Bundesfinanzministerium (früher: Reichsluftfahrtministerium).
    Die Markierung des Bodendenkmals auf dem Gelände der „Topographie des Terrors“, 2010. © Stiftung Topographie des Terrors
  • © Thomas Pöllabauer


Audio guide

An audio guide is available for the site tour in German and English; it is issued by the visitor service in the Documentation Centre.


The exhibition is bilingual (German and English).

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