The Documentation Centre, with all its exhibition areas - both inside the building and outside - is once again open to visitors. We would also like to take up the educational programme with its guided tours through the permanent exhibition and topic-specific seminars as soon as possible. However, restrictions are still to be expected.

Since familiar working methods will have to remain restricted for a longer period of time, we would be very pleased to discuss the formats you would like to see and possible virtual formats you can use.

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The foundation offers free workshops for English or Hebrew speaking groups of at least 7 participants.



Topography of Terror: the historic site of the Nazi Terror System (SS and Police) and the perpetrators

Between 1933 and 1945 the most important agencies of the Nazi Terror System were located on the present-day terrain of Topography of Terror: the headquarters of the Secret State Police (Gestapo), the Secret Service of the SS (SD), the Reich Leadership of the SS and the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA). This site was the center for plannings and organisations of most of the Nazi mass-crimes, committed especially during the Second World War in the occupied countries.

The workshop will start with a guided tour through the exhibition giving the participants an overview of the terror apparatus of SS and Police, its personnel and their crimes. In working groups participants are invited to analyze more deeply the structures of the perpetrators and their crimes.

Duration of seminar: 5 hours

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From "ordinary men" to mass-murderers: the Nazi Terror System (SS and Police) and its crimes

What kind of people stood behind the Nazi terror apparatus? What was the role of policemen? What is "Protective Custody" and how did it serve the German policein its arrests? Who were the members of the "Einsatzgruppen", which background did they come from and what were their motives? In which ways did the "Volk Community" support the Nazi terror system and finally: how did East and West-Germany deal with its criminals after 1945?

By focusing on these questions the workshop will examine the goals and methods of the Nazi terror system from the perspective of "perpetrator research" and the role of policemen in the apparatus. Through analyzing historical sources, the seminar will examine personal biographies of policemen and will focus on their personal responsibility in the process of becoming mass-murderers. The seminar offers an opportunity to deepen and widen the analysis and research of perpetrators and is intended for all Hebrew speaking groups (especially pupils and students) who are interested in expending their knowledge on the subject.

Duration of seminar: 5 hours

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The workshops are free of charge.

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