Online workshops

Online workshops allow for a more in-depth introduction to the key themes of the “Topography of Terror.”

With the use of various photos and documents, as well as activating exercises to be completed in small groups, participants can gain a more intensive introduction to the central themes of the permanent exhibition “Gestapo, SS and Reich Security Main Office on Wilhelm- and Prinz-Albrecht-Straße,” as well as better insight into the significance of the historical site.

The specific content of the three-hour workshop can be adapted modularly.
The online offer is primarily aimed at schoolchildren from the age of 14, students and all other interested youth and adult groups.

We would be happy to accept your invitation to one of the video conferencing platforms.
Alternatively, we can offer the video conference platform “BigBlueButton” for the implementation. Of course, we will discuss the practical implementation with you beforehand.

Our online seminars are free of charge.

“Planning and Organising Terror”
By examining police files participants piece together how the staff of the Gestapo and other central institutions of Nazi Terror planned, organised and carried out their acts.

“The Aryan Volk-Community” — Inclusion and Exclusion”

Participants explore the ideological construct of the so-called “Volk-Community” as a central Nazi policy which led to exclusion, persecution and genocide.

“Persecution of Jews and the Holocaust”
The antisemitism of the National-Socialists built on historically rooted hatred of Jews and seized on already wide-spread prejudices against Jews in Germany. In its radicalism it led to the genocide of European Jews during the Second World War.

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