„Überall Luthers Worte ...” – Martin Luther im Nationalsozialismus /
"Luther's Words are everywhere ..." – Martin Luther in Nazi Germany

Katalogband zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung / Exhibition catalogue, Hrsg./Publishers: Stiftung Topographie des Terrors, vertreten durch / represented by Prof. Dr. Andreas Nachama, Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand, vertreten durch / represented by Prof. Dr. Johannes Tuchel, Berlin 2017, 272 S., ISBN 978-3-941772-33-5
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What was the Nazis’ position on religion and the church—and specifically on Martin Luther? How did Christians in Germany during the Nazi period deal with the reformer and his "legacy"? And how did the relationship between church and state evolve during those twelve years?

These questions are explored in the Exhibition catalogue. While 1933 saw celebrations marking Luther’s 450th birthday, it also saw conflicts between the "Confessing Church" and the "German Christians". References to Luther’s late anti-Jewish works increased markedly in the period up to 1938. Also during the Second World War, Luther was "claimed" by various players: some to justify the war—others to back up their right to resist this unjust regime.