Berlin 1933–1945. Between Propaganda and Terror
Exhibition catalogue. (The supplementary sections, "The Seats of Power 1936" and "The National Socialist Calendar for 1937" are not included in this catalogue), published by Stiftung Topographie des Terrors, represented by Andreas Nachama, Berlin 2010, 264 p., ISBN 978-3-941772-03-8
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The open-air exhibition "Berlin 1933–1945. Between Propaganda and Terror" focuses on Nazi policy in the German capital, and how it affected the city and its people. Alongside the government ministries, which were all based in Berlin, the Nazis set up the key authorities for state terror in the city. Hitler wanted to develop Berlin into the future "World Capital Germania." When the war began, Berliners first saw it as a rapid succession of victories. It was only in the latter years of the war that their living conditions seriously deteriorated because of the air raids over Berlin. Even today, the city still bears traces of the Nazi regime.