A		Resource aids

Aa Reference books
Aa I General reference books
Aa I.5 Encyclopedias
Aa I.10 Bibliographies
Aa I.15 Biographical reference books
Aa I.20 Address registers
Aa I.25 Atlases, maps
Aa I.100 Other
Aa III History reference books
Aa III.5 Encyclopedias
Aa III.10 Bibliographies
Aa III.15 Biographical reference books
Aa III.20 Address registers
Aa III.25 Atlases, maps
Aa III.100 Other
Aa V Dictionaries (arranged alphabetically by language )
Aa VII Archive/finding aids (arranged by alphabetically by archive)
Aa CI Other

Ac Historical overviews
Ac I World history
Ac III European history
Ac V German history
Ac VII History of individual countries
Ac CI Other

Ae Sources

Ag Festschriften

Ai Annual reports/conferences of individual Institutions
(For annual reports of memorials see Ui)

Ak Information science
Ak I Librarianship
Ak III Archives management
Ak V Information/Documentation

Am Accompanying material to motion pictures

Az Other

B 19th and early 20th Century Historys

Ba General
Ba I Reference books
Ba III Overviews
Ba V Broad subjects
Ba VII Sources

Bc The world before 1914
Bc I General
Bc I.5 Reference books
Bc I.10 Overviews
Bc I.15 Broad subjects
Bc I.20 Sources
Bc III Germany until 1870
Bc V Germany 1870-1914
Bc VII Individual states (alphabetical)
Bc IC Regional studies
Bc C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Bc CI Other

Be World War I
Be I General
Be I.5 Reference books
Be I.10 Overviews
Be I.15 Broad subjects
Be I.20 Sources
Be III Germany
Be V Individual states (alphabetical)
Be IC Regional studies
Be C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Be CI Other

Bg Between the Wars 1919-1939
(except Germany)
Bg I General
Bg I.5 Reference books
Bg I.10 Overviews
Bg I.15 Broad subjects
Bg I.20 Sources
Bg III Individual states (alphabetical)
Bg IC Regional studies
Bg C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Bg CI Other

Bi Germany 1918-1933
(except police; see E)
Bi I General
Bi I.5 Reference books
Bi I.10 Overviews
Bi I.15 Broad subjects
Bi I.20 Sources
Bi III Political development/internal affairs
Bi IV Political parties and organizations (for NSDAP see Bi XXIV.5)
Bi V Foreign affairs
Bi VI Legal system/ judiciary/ administration
Bi VII Military
Bi VIII Economy/finance
Bi X Social/labor/medicine
Bi XII Science/education/sports
Bi XIV Arts/culture/intellectual currents
Bi XVI Women/children/youth/family
Bi XVIII Churches /religious associations
Bi XX Media/press
Bi XXII Population/urban planning/transportation
Bi XXIV Anti-democratic and Nazi movements
Bi XXIV.5 NSDAP before 1933
Bi XXIV.10 Individual groups
Bi IC Regional studies
Bi C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Bi CI Other

Bx Regional studies
By (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Bz Other

C The National Socialist State
(except police and SS)

Ca General
Ca I Reference books
Ca I.5 Encyclopedias
Ca I.10 Bibliographies
Ca I.15 Biographical reference books
Ca III Overviews
Ca V Broad subjects
Ca VII Sources
Cc Political development /internal affairs
Cd The NSDAP and its organizations (except SS; for SS see F)
Ce Foreign affairs
Cf Legal system/judiciary/administration
Cg Reichswehr/Wehrmacht
Ch Economy/finance (for war economy see Qe III)
Cj Social/labor/medicine
Cl Science/education/sports
Cn Arts/culture/intellectual currents
Co Nazi ideology and its intellectual foundations
Cp Women/children/youth/family
Cr Churches/religious associations
Ct Media/press/propaganda
Cv Population/transportation/urban planning
Cx Regional studies (including city guides on Nazi local history)
Cy (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Cy I of party functionaries/"perpetrators"
Cy I.5 Collective biographies
Cy I.10 Individual biographies
Cy III of other contemporaries
Cz Other

E Police

Ea General
Ea I Reference books
Ea III Overviews
Ea V Broad subjects
Ea VII Sources
Ec The police before 1933
Ee The police 1933-1945
Ee I Overviews
Ee III Order police
Ee V Criminal police
Ee C Other
Eg Political police/ Gestapo
Eg I General
Eg I.5 Reference books
Eg I.10 Overviews
Eg I.15 Broad subjects
Eg I.20 Sources
Eg III Various subjects
Eg IC Regional studies
Eg C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies see Cy
Eg CI Other
Ex Regional studies
Ey (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see Cy)
Ez Other

F The SS

Fa General
Fa I Reference books
Fa III Overviews
Fa V Broad subjects
Fa VII Sources
Fc Reichsführer-SS
Fe SS head officials
Fk Waffen-SS
Fm Einsatzgruppen
Fx Regional studies
Fy (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see Cy)
Fz Other

G Persecution and Resistance
(for racial persecution see K)

Ga General
Ga I Reference books
Ga III Overviews
Ga V Broad subjects
Ga VII Sources

Gc Exile, emigration
Gc I General
Gc I.5 Reference books
Gc I.10 Overviews
Gc I.15 Broad subjects
Gc I.20 Sources
Gc III Individual countries
Gc V Individual groups
Gc VII Exile literature
Gc IC Regional studies
Gc C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see. O)
Gc CI Other

Ge Political persecution/resistance
Ge I General
Ge I.5 Reference books
Ge I.10 Overviews
Ge I.15 Broad subjects
Ge I.20 Sources
Ge III Illegal party organizations
Ge V Trade unions
Ge VII Independent resistance circles
Ge IC Regional studies
Ge C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Ge CI Other

Gg Religious persecution/resistance
Gg I General
Gg I.5 Reference books
Gg I.10 Overviews
Gg I.15 Broad subjects
Gg I.20 Sources
Gg III Protestant persecution/resistance
Gg V Catholic persecution/resistance
Gg VII Jehovah’s Witnesses
Gg IC Regional studies
Gg C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Gg CI Other

Gi Military opposition/resistance

Gk Youth opposition/resistance

Gm individual groups /associations (incl. autobiographies and sources)
Gm I Kreisauer Circle
Gm III 20th July
Gm V Red Orchestra
Gm VII White Rose
Gm IX Goerdeler

Gv Other countries

Gw individuals

Gx Regional studies
Gy (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Gz Other

I Judeophobia/Antisemitism

Ia General
Ia I Reference books
Ia III Overviews
Ia V Broad subjects
Ia VII Sources
Ic Judeophobia in Antiquity, Middle Ages, Early Modern Era
Ie Judeophobia /Antisemitism since the19th century
Ig Judeophobia/Antisemitism after World Word II
Ix Regional studies
Iy (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Iz Other

K Racism and Genocide

Ka General
Ka I Reference books
Ka III Overviews
Ka V Broad subjects
Ka VII Sources
Kc Persecution and Extermination of European Jewry
(see Einsatzgruppen: Fm; Camps: M; World War II: Q)
Kc I General
Kc I.5 Reference books
Kc I.10 Overviews
Kc I.15 Broad subjects
Kc I.20 Sources
Kc III Discrimination, persecution before 1939
Kc III.5 April boycott
Kc III.10 Nuremberg laws
Kc III.15 November pogrom
Kc III.100 Other
Kc V Jewish self-determination, organizations
Kc VII economic isolation/"Aryanization"
Kc IX Jewish emigration
Kc XI Jewish persecution after 1939, deportation, murder of Jews
Kc XIII Ghettos
Kc XV Jewish resistance
Kc XVII Jewish forced labor
Kc IC Regional studies (see Wx)
Kc C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Kc CI Other

Ke Sinti and Roma
Ke I General
Ke III General history of the Sinti and Roma
Ke IC Regional studies
Ke C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Ke CI Other

Kg "Euthanasia"
Kg I General
Kg I.5 Reference books
Kg I.10 Overviews
Kg I.15 Broad subjects
Kg I.20 Sources
Kg III Eugenics, racial hygiene before 1933
Kg V Operations
Kg IC Regional studies
Kg C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Kg CI Other

Ki Forced sterilization

Kk Homosexuals
Kk I General
Kk III Homosexuality in general
Kk IC Regional studies
Kk C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Kk CI Other

Km Social fringe groups ("Asocials", prostitutes...)

Kw Death books

Kx Regional studies
Ky (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies (see O)
Kz Other

M Camps 1933-1945 (alphabetically arranged)

Ma General
Ma I Reference books
Ma III Overviews (Death books under Kw)
Ma V Broad subjects
Ma VII Sources
Mc Concentration camps
Mc I General
Mc III Individual aspects
Mc III.5 Personal/Organization
Mc III.10 Camp daily life
Mc III.15 Prisoner groups
Mc III.20 Work
Mc III.25 Provisions, medicine...
Mc III.30 Women
Mc III.35 Children
Mc III.40 Resistance
Mc III.45 Arts and culture
Mc III.100 Other
Mc V Individual concentration camps /sites ( incl. satellite camps!)
Me Extermination camps
Mg Work re-education camps
Mi Youth protection camps
Mk Prisoner of War camps
Mm SS Special camps
Mo Forced labor camps
Mq Internment camps
Ms Penal campsr
Mu Police detention camp
Mw Death marches and liberation of camps
Mx Regional studies
My (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies under O
Mz Other

O (Auto)biographical Reports/Testimonies, Exile, Persecution,
Resistance, Lager

(Biographies of individual groups/associations see Gm)

Oa Individual biographies of racially persecuted
Ob Collective biographies of racially persecuted
Oc Politically persecuted/political resistance
Oe Religiously persecuted /religious resistance
Og Youth opposition
Oi Military resistance
Ox Helpers/"Rescuers"
Oz Other

Q World War II and Occupied Europe
(Reichswehr, Wehrmacht see Cg)

Qa General
Qa I Reference books
Qa I.5 Encyclopedias
Qa I.10 Biographical reference books
Qa I.15 Biographische Reference books
Qa III Overviews
Qa V Broad subjects
Qa VII Sources
Qb World War II prehistory
Qc The War in Europe and the World
Qc I General
Qc III Czechoslovakia
Qc V Poland
Qc VII France/Benelux states
Qc IX Scandinavia
Qc XI Great Britain/Commonwealth
QC XIII South East Europe
Qc XV Soviet Union
Qc XV.5 General
Qc XV.10 Individual locations
Qc XV.15 Occupying forces
Qc XV.20 Collaboration and resistance
Qc XV.100 Other
Qc XVII North Africa
Qc XIX Italy
Qc XXIII Japan
Qc XXV Switzerland
Qc XXVII Spain
Qc IC Regional studies see Qx
Qc C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Qc CI Other

Qe War economy
Qe I General
Qe III Kriegswirtschaft
Qe V Forced labor (Jewish forced labor see Kc XVII)
Qe VII Prisoners of War
Qe IX Deserters
Qe IC Regional studies see Qx
Qe C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Qe CI Other

Qg Propaganda
Qi Secret Service
Qk Nazi military justice/Wehrmacht justice
Qm Art and book theft during National Socialism
Qw War’s end

Qx Regional studies
Qy (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Qy I Military
Qy I.5 Collective biographies
Qy I.10 Individual biographies
Qy III Other contemporaries
Qz Other

S After 1945

Sa General
Sa I Reference books
Sa III Overviews
Sa V Broad subjects
Sa VII Sources
Se Postwar era (1945-1949)
Se I General
Se I.5 Reference books
Se I.10 Overviews
Se I.15 Broad subjects
Se I.20 Sources
Se III Flight and expulsion
Se V Allied occupation policies
Se V.1 General
Se V.5 Conferences
Se V.10 Special/Internment camps
Se V.15 Re-education /de-Nazification
Se V.100 Other
Se VII Camp survivors
Se VII.5 Displaced Persons
Se VII.10 Emigrants
Se VII.100 Other
Se IC Regional studies
Se C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Se CI Other

Sg Divided Germany (1949-1990)
Sg I General
Sg I.5 Reference books
Sg I.10 Overviews
Sg I.15 Broad subjects
Sg I.20 Sources
Sg III FRG (1949-1990)
(Memorial sites in the FRG see Ui V)
Sg III.1 General
Sg III.5 Political development /internal affairs
Sg III.6 Political parties and organizations
Sg III.7 Foreign affairs/Auslandsbeziehungen
Sg III.8 Legal system/judiciary/administration
Sg III.9 Military
Sg III.10 Economy/finance
Sg III.15 Social/labor/medicine
Sg III.20 Science/education/sports
Sg III.25 Arts/culture/intellectual currents
Sg III.30 Women/children/youth/family
Sg III.35 Churches/religious associations
Sg III.40 Media/press
Sg III.45 Population/transportation/urban planning
Sg XXIX Regional studies
Sg XXX (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sg XXXI Other

Sg L GDR (1949-1990)
(Memorials in the GDR see Ui VII)
Sg L.1 General
Sg L.5 Political development /internal affairs
Sg L.6 Political parties and organizations
Sg L.7 Foreign affairs
Sg L.8 Legal system/judiciary/administration
Sg L.9 Military
Sg L.10 Economy/finance
Sg L.15 Social/labor/medicine
Sg L.20 Science/education/sports
Sg L.25 Arts/culture/intellectual currents
Sg L.30 Women/children/youth/family
Sg L.35 Churches/religious associations
Sg L.40 Press/media
Sg L.45 Population/transportation/urban planning
Sg LXIX Regional studies
Sg LXX (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sg LXXI Other

Sg IC Regional studies
Sg C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sg CI Other

Si Re-unified Germany (since 1990)
Si I General
Si I.5 Reference books
Si I.10 Overviews
Si I.15 Broad subjects
Si I.20 Sources
Si III Political development /internal affairs
Si IV Political parties and organizations
Si V Foreign affairs
Si VI Legal system/judiciary/administration
Si VII Military
Si VIII Economy/finance
Si X Social/labor/medicine
Si XII Science/education/sports
Si XIV Arts/culture/intellectual currents
Si XVI Women/children/youth/family
Si XVIII Churches/religious associations
Si XX Press/media
Si XXII Population/transportation/urban planning
Si IC Regional studies
Si C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Si CI Other

Sk Trials of Nazis
Sk I General
Sk I.5 Reference books
Sk I.10 Overviews
Sk I.15 Broad subjects
Sk I.20 Sources
Sk III Trials conducted by the Allies
Sk V Trials in the FRG
Sk VII Trials in the GDR
Sk IX Trials outside of Germany
Sk IC Regional studies
Sk C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sk CI Other

Sm Reparations/restitutiong
Sm I General
Sm I.5 Reference books
Sm I.10 Overviews
Sm I.15 Broad subjects
Sm I.20 Sources
Sm III Individual persecuted groups
Sm V Individual countries
Sm VII Reparations by individual companies
Sm IC Regional studies
Sm C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sm CI Other

So Rightwing extremism, violence and xenophobia
So I General
So I.5 Reference books
So I.10 Overviews
So I.15 Broad subjects
So I.20 Sources
So VII Germany since 1990
So IX Individual parties
So XI Individuals
So XIII Abroad
So XXV Sociological studies on rightwing extremism and violence
So XXVII Projects against rightwing extremism and violence
So IC Regional studies
So C (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
So CI Other

Sq Other countries (alphabetical)

Sx Regional studies
Sy (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Sz Other

U Confronting National Socialism -
Culture of memory

Ua General
Ua I Reference books
Ua III Overviews
Ua V Broad subjects
Ua VII Sources

Uc Scholarship
Uc I General works on National Socialism and its impact
(alphabetical by author)
Uc III Theories
Uc III.5 Fascism theories
Uc III.10 Totalitarianism theories
Uc III.15 Genocide research
Uc V Public debates
Uc V.5 Historian debate <1986-1989>
Uc V.10 Historicism debate
Uc V.15 Goldhagen debate
Uc V.20 Wehrmacht exhibit
Uc V.25 Finkelstein debate
Uc V.100 Other
Uc VII "History from below"/History workshops
Uc IX Psychological effects of the Nazi period (2./3. Generation)
Uc XX Comparative dictatorships
Uc CI Other
Ue "Revisionism"
Ug Art
Ug I General
Ug III Monuments/memorials
Ug V Sculpture
Ug VII Photography
Ug IX Literature
Ug XI Film
Ug XIII Theater
Ug CI Other

Ui Memorial sites/ documentation centers
Ui I General
Ui I.5 Reference books (incl. address registers)
Ui I.10 Overviews
Ui I.15 Broad subjects
Ui I.20 Sources
Ui III Topography of Terrors/Prinz-Albrecht Grounds
Ui V Memorial sites in the FRG and in the old federal
Ui VII Memorial sites in the GDR
Ui IX Memorial sites in the new federal states after 1990
Ui XI Memorial sites in other countries (alphabetical)
Ui XIII Memorial education
Ui XV Individual projects
Ui XV.5 Shoah Foundation
Ui XV.10 School competitions on German history
Ui XV.15 "Gegen Vergessen – Für Demokratie"
Ui XV.20 Anne Frank Projects
Ui XVII Memorial days
Ui XIX Survivor meetings

Ui CI Other

Uk Political education
Uk I General
Uk III Political education in schools

Uq Other counties (alphabetical)

Ux Regional studies
Uy (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Uz Other

W Jewish History

Wa General
Wa I Reference books
Wa III Overviews
Wa V Broad subjects
Wa VII Sources

Wc Jewish religion and culture
We European Jewish history in the modern era (since 1945)
Wg Jewish life after 1945 in Germany
Wi Palestine/Israel
Wv Jewish museums
Wx Regional studies
Wy (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Wy I Collective biographies
Wy III Individual biographies
Wz Other

X Belletristic
XaChildren’s books

Y Berlin-Literature

Ya General
Ya I Reference books
Ya III Overviews
Ya V Broad subjects
Ya VII Sources
Ya IX City guides
Yc Individual sites/places
Ye Berlin Wall
Yv Literary accounts of Berlin
Yw Exhibition catalogues special collection B-750
Yx City district studies
Yy (Auto)biographies/reports/testimonies
Yz Other