Street Exhibition

Historic Wilhelmstraße

The outdoor exhibition “Historic Wilhelmstraße” uses photos and texts at 30 stations along Wilhelmstraße to present the history of the buildings in the historic government district. In the early 19th century, Wilhelmstraße was established as the seat of the most important ministries of Prussia, of the German Reich by 1871 and later of the Nazi state. Most of the buildings no longer exist today, including the Palace of the Reich President, the Prussian State Ministry and the Reich Chancellery. The buildings that did survive were later used by the government of East Germany (GDR) and as of 1991, by the Federal Republic of Germany.

The outdoor exhibition “Historic Wilhelmstraße,” commissioned by the Senator for Construction, Housing and Transport, was first created in 1996. It was completely revised and expanded in 2007 using funds provided by the Senate Administration for Urban Development. The exhibition is now presented in German and English.

Overview of Exhibition Stations (PDF)