Permanent Exhibition

Berlin 1933–1945. Between Propaganda and Terror

The exhibition “Berlin 1933–1945: Between Propaganda and Terror” addresses National Socialist policy in Berlin and its consequences for the city and its population. It shows how the National Socialists were able to gain a foothold in “red” Berlin and gradually establish the city as the political center of its leadership. The main chapters of the exhibition are arranged in different colors in a trench along the exposed segments of a cellar wall and provide information about: Berlin in the Weimar Republic (I), Establishing the Führer’s Dictatorship (II), Berlin and the “People’s Community” (III), Wartime in Berlin 1939–1945 (IV); and Berlin and the Consequences of the Nazi Regime (V).

Most of the exhibition panels are made of glass, making it possible to view the excavated ruins behind them. The exhibition presents photos, newspaper articles and documents. Media stations provide in-depth information on selected topics.

The exhibition is presented both in German and English.

Niederkirchnerstraße 8
10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Admission free

Phone 0049 30 254509-50